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Graf Post

14 Nov

The best “post” I’ve seen in a year…good thing too because that’s when I posted my last “post”.

 So let me present to you (drumroll please), direct from Toronto, the Graf Post (trumpets flare).


Photo taken by Sherrie Yager 11-11-2013

Toronto, Ontario


Flora Blanca

24 May

Art Gowns

Did you ever have to move a bevy of jaded “Art Gowns” to a new “WordPress” site?

It would be easier to transplant a garden to another city!

Penn test

That’s why this “Art Gown” is inspired by and dedicated to my beloved niece Sherrie. She is the only person I know who would actually help me dig up an entire garden, lug it then replant it.

Penn #2b

Hence, I decided to do a Garden themed “Art Gown”

Penn #5_2

Of course wool and paper popped immediately into my mind.

Penn #12Not just anyPenn #10 wool, but a pure, fine and all natural wool, fit for the Pope’s cassock.

Not just any paper, but pictures of Roses, Begonias, Peonies, Lilies, Orchids and Poppies by “Irving Penn”.

Yes, I cut up the entire book. It is a true labor of love cutting around the beads of dew, thorns, intricate ruffles and fine hairs of Mr…

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17 Mar

Graffiti Lux Art & More

We are still in Winnipeg, in the alley behind The Gas Station Theatre building. On the corner, there’s this pretty lady.

Gas #18

When I say she’s on the corner, I mean literally on the corner.

Gas #22

She’s a bit chipped up from the harsh winters since 2006 when she was painted by an unknown artist, but she’s still quite wonderful. I hated to leave, but Sherrie had me on 20 minute allotments per mural.

Gas #20

Oh look, it’s the Sea Bugs along the other side.

Gas #21

Pictures taken by Resa on October 30, 2013

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

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19 Feb

My first dedication…I LOVE it!! Thank you Resa!! XOXO ❤

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Pretty lines caress my eyes

Colors carry through

Then as I’m tasting something sweet

My heart is filled with you.

Sweet #1

Pic shot by Resa, on February 07, 2013

Back Alley of south of Queen Street West between Spadina and Bathurst

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Poem by Resa: February 19, 2013

Dedicated to Sherrie Yager

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Post of the Month

9 Oct

For my first post on posts about posts, I am featuring this lamp post.

After grappling with the future content of my then non-existent blog, a bulb went off in my head.  Actually it was my Auntie Resa who joked “do a post on posts”.  When I finished laughing I thought it was brilliant.  Thus began the hunt for posts…

For all the magnificent posts I have seen, I find this one particularly illuminating.  Amirite?

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